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September Medical Marijuana Program Statistics

August Medical Marijuana Program StatisticsThe September Medical Marijuana Program Statistics are provided by DC’s Dept. of Health (DOH). You can see the total number of patients registered, their gender and in which ward they live.  

September Medical Marijuana Program Statistics

4,283 patients and 35 caregivers have registered with DC’s Medical Marijuana Program since 2014. In the last month, DC added 297 new patients, 2 caregivers, and 5 physicians. The number of cultivation centers (7) and dispensaries (5) remains unchanged.

Statistical Insights for Marketers/Business Owners

September’s numbers restored my hope for DC patients, the dispensaries that serve them, and the cultivators and processors that supply the stuff (August reported a 65% drop in registered patients compared to July). If we can rely on the statistical rigor and timeliness of reporting from our DOH, then September’s new registrants account for 42% of all registrants in 2016. Makes you wonder if there’s a correlation between kids going back to school and number of new patients in need of healing with medical cannabis?

Female patients were the largest category gain (8%) this month.

So far this year, 706 additional residents have registered in the program. Another way of looking at it: 6.37 out of every 1,000 DC residents holds a medical marijuana card. According to, an organization tracking the number of “legal medical marijuana patients” in the U.S., the average is 8.06 per thousand statewide residents. California, Colorado, and Washington (state) have more than 19 patients per thousand residents using medical marijuana.



Analysis of earlier months can be found in the archives (helpful for trending data on gender and wards with the greatest number of patients). You can view the two-page report from this month here.