09 Jun 2016

Elle: The Grass Ceiling

09 Jun 2016

I’ll tell you why Elle’s recent post caught my attention:

Jyl Ferris said as a graphic designer she has faced age-based discrimination when searching for jobs. “I do think this industry has given me, as a baby boomer and as a woman, the fairest chance at starting a business of anything in the whole entire country,” she said and attributes this welcoming industry to baby boomers who popularizing recreational marijuana use in the 1960s and ’70s.

Amen, sister.

By the way, asked but not answered was this: “Now that [cannabis] is legal, how do people of color—who have been oppressed by the laws that were made—how do you bring them into the industry? Not just as employees but as owners who also get a piece of the pie.

Let’s make this happen!


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