25 Jun 2016

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

25 Jun 2016

What a hoot from today’s Washington Post, “Growing medical marijuana could mean big business in Maryland. Here’s who wants in“.

Stanford “Neill” Franklin, a retired state police major who went from undercover drug busts on college campuses to advocating against drug laws and applying to grow marijuana, is one of them. He says: “There’s good money to be made off of it.”

Of the 144 companies that have filed for one the 15 marijuana cultivation licenses in Maryland, more than 20% have ties to law enforcement, including but not limited to: former Drug Enforcement Administration agents; former special agent in the IRS’s criminal division; multiple former state troopers; and the managing partner of a company that handles background checks and drug tests for the Department of Defense and the FBI.

I’m not here to judge, but my hope is that Maryland will select growers, processors, and sellers who are more interested in the health and social benefits associated with cannabis products than the obvious economic upside. Otherwise, they’re no better than drug dealers.

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